How Important is Your Brand to Your Business


Deciding how to allocate limited resources is one of the most critical tasks of any small business owner. Creative graphic design may well be on the “I’d like to invest in this but not right now” list. The benefits are more difficult to measure than monthly sales, but significant in terms of the long term success of your business. Many New Zealand companies are now recognising the importance of a strong brand and are turning to professional graphic design companies to help them set their strategy.

How Important is Branding?

The design of a good logo or brand is clear, simple, and memorable. National flags have incorporated these elements for many centuries. Older corporations such as Coca-Cola and newer corporations such as Apple have instantly recognisable logos. A good brand has longevity. Coca-Cola’s logo has been essentially unchanged for over 100 years. While it is sometimes necessary to change or update a brand and logo, keeping a consistent visual identity is beneficial. People are visual and tend to have more trust in something familiar.

The brand creates a first impression. A poor design will look cheap, not how any business wishes to appear. As a brand becomes familiar, it becomes a competitive advantage. Think of how each chain store or restaurant distinguishes itself by unique signage. Good design is essential for generating website conversions, leading the consumer to perform the desired action such as tapping the call-to-action button. A brand creates unity within the company. It can be useful on shirts, caps, mugs, and banners. A professional design will be easy to print, use online, or in various forms of advertising

Spreading Your Brand

High quality, professional graphic design requires skilled, professional designers. Whatever logo or designs are chosen must be unique to the organisation and represent the company’s mission and values. These logos and graphic designs will be used in numerous ways, including:

Websites, often appearing on every page
Professional sign writing in Hamilton, including retail and building signage
Head-turning digital signage
Descriptive vehicle signage
Attention-grabbing vehicle wraps are very effective advertising that can generate 30,000 to 70,000 daily impressions
Company literature and documents, such as letterhead, invoices, and brochures
Promotional products
Replacing a poorly-done design will be expensive when all of the potential uses are considered.

Burgeon Signs is a professional graphic design company in Hamilton. They are so confident in the quality of their work that they offer both a product and workmanship guarantee. They are focused on growing your business by strengthening the visual identity of your brand. Visit to review their services and testimonials. Professional graphic design is an investment in your company’s future and Burgeon Signs can make sure you are on the right track for success.


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