Different Ways To Promote Your Business Using Retail Signs


The success of your business depends on how well you promote and market it. Promoting your business will help you: increase brand awareness, provide appropriate information about your products or services, increase customer traffic, and generate increased revenue and profit long into the future.

Here are some ways to use signage to promote your brand.

Different Ways to Promote Your Business Using Signage

Even in this digital age, using signage is still one of the most powerful and cost-efficient way to promote your business. It helps you stand out, allows potential customers to find you, provides key information about your products or services, and builds your brand. Part of the reason why signage is so powerful is because there are so many different ways to use it to promote your business. These include:

1. Use branding signage around your premises

Regardless of your business, using building or architectural signs is one of the most effective ways to get your business noticed. If you’re like most retail businesses, majority of your existing customers and potential customers work or live within a 5-mile radius of your business. They typically pass your retail location almost every day when going to and from workplace, school and shopping. Through architectural signage that projects your brand – logo, message, contact information, etc., you can attract attention from these customers.

So, consider hiring experts in sign writing in Hamilton to design eye-catching signage outside your business premises. Some of the most effective types of retail signage that you can use to draw clients to your business include: store-front signs, roof signs, wall signs and graphics, acrylic lettering, CNC cut signs, 3D lettering, large-format digital printed signs, branded fascia panels, bulk head entrance and light boxes.

2. Use other signs and graphics to direct customers towards your business

As well as regular street and building signs, consider exploiting other signage marketing opportunities. Is it possible to place affordable signage for your retail business down the street or outside your shopping mall? While you may not be able to afford advertising on those large billboards, you can find many opportunities to high light special deals or menu items by putting up signs in neighbouring buildings, bus benches, shopping carts, etc. Alternatively, you can use signage like directional signs to direct pedestrian and drivers to your location, or blade signs that project from the wall of your business premises to provide information to passing traffic.

You can easily get these signs and more from any of the leading companies that offer sign writing and graphic design in Hamilton.

3. Use sidewalk signage to attract customers to your business at customer level

Pylons (freestanding signs), banners and other forms of sidewalk signs/stand-up banners provide a colourful yet effective way to attract traffic to your retail outlet. You could also use freestanding signs like those used by real estate agents onto the sidewalk or on the street in front of your store. These freestanding signs are available in many styles and formats, and you can easily find one that perfectly works for your business. What’s more, you could engage a specialist dealing in sign writing in Hamilton to custom design one for you.

4. Use poster displays and window signs

Aside from stand-up signs and banners, there is another way to advertise your products or services using signage – poster displays and window graphics. You can put up window graphics and wall displays that have been custom designed to match your brand colours or to include your logo to advertise your products/services. A good company dealing with signage and graphic design in Hamilton should be able to help you do just that.

5. Use vehicle signage to advertise your products/services

Vehicle signage, specifically vehicle wraps, provides one of the simplest yet effective ways to advertise your products or services. The signs on your business vehicles serve as a moving billboard that can advertise your special deals or promotions to hundreds of people per day. You can get quality vehicle signage at an affordable cost from one of the companies specialising in vehicle wraps in Hamilton.

6. Promote your products/services with internal signage

You could put up wall signs and banners inside of your store to market you’re ancillary services and special deals to your customers.

7. Use 3D, LED, Neon illuminated signs

3D, LED, led and neon illuminated signs in Hamilton are one of the best forms of neon signs for retail establishments and companies. They are environmentally friendly, and work excellently to illuminate the night and grab attention. These types of neon signs are also appealing during the day and will attract passing traffic to your place of business.
Burgeon Signs: Quality Signage Solutions For Businesses In Hamilton And New Zealand

Burgeon Signs (www.burgeonsigns.co.nz) are a market leader in all areas of digital signage in New Zealand. From building signage and window graphics to retail signage and vehicle signage, we have the experience and expertise to deliver innovative signage solutions that meet your highest standards. Whether you are looking to increase your brand visibility, launch a new retail business or product, or announce an upcoming event, Burgeon Signs has it all. As leading specialists in sign writing, graphic design and vehicle wraps in Hamilton, we can work with you to create unique yet affordable signage solution to drive increased customer interest and boost your brand recognition.
Feel free to complete the form below or call us to tell us more about your signage needs.


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